DONATIONS - All donations, whether from individuals or from organisations, are warmly welcomed. As a charity the Trust is able to reclaim basic rate income tax on subscriptions and donations paid under Deed of Covenant or Gift Aid. This means that the Trust is an ideal vehicle for businesses to support youth sailing in a highly tax efficient and tax deductible way. For any queries please Email:

Donations can be made by the following alternative methods:

  • Via 'JustGiving' - Access and follow the instructions to make a Gift Aided donation, using our account with JustGiving's on-line charity fundraising website.

           Or via this button:

Donate with JustGiving

  •  By MAIL - Mail to:

           The Eric Twiname Trust
           Registered Charity 1002313
           26 Ashcombe Avenue, Southborough, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6QA

LEGACIES - this is something that supporters of the Trust may wish to consider when preparing their Will and whilst considering what will happen to your money, property and possessions after you die.

A donation as part of a Will will either:

  • be taken off the value of your estate before Inheritance Tax is calculated, or:
  • reduce your Inheritance Tax rate, if more than 10% of your estate is left to charity.

As part of a Will you can donate:

  • a fixed amount
  • an item
  • what's left after other gifts have been given out

More details can be found via the link: https//





 Herewith a list of individuals and organisations who have contributed in some way to the Eric Twiname Trust since its foundation in 1980.  We apologise if your name has been inadvertently omitted, or is incorrectly shown.  If this has happened, please send an e-mail to erictwinametrustThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the error will be rectified at once.


Alec Twiname

Hazel Twiname

John Twiname

Carlo Rolandi

Mary Pera

Chris Simon

Mike Robinson

Mr and Mrs Knight

Mr and Mrs Whitelaw

Mr and Mrs Clarke

M.D. Bendall

Miss Waugh

J.A. Alma

M.J. Baker

W.H. Clegg

Miss S.J. Cookson

Bendall Memorial Service

Dr and Mrs Mcleod

The Revd. Stone

The Sassoon Family

Stephen Park

Chris Atherton

Rob Andrews

Fiona Sweetman

Phil Williams Ellis

RYA Publications

Greg O'Brien

Simon Wergan

Bruce Aitken

Jim Kirkpatrick

John Reed

Peter Whipp

Tom Whipp

Bryan Willis

Rod Carr

Duncan Truswell

Tzaneen Mears

David McCreary

Helen Duff

Fiona Bonar

David and Jenny Campbell-James

Jim Saltonstall

John Hurry, Yamaha

Laurence Lock, Barnet Marine

Jon Partridge, RS Sailing

Kim Allen and Liz Adams

XOD Class

Melges 24 Class

420 Class UK

Optimist Class

Daring Class

Angie Driscoll, Hayling Island Sailing Club

RYA North East Region

Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club

Attenborough Sailing Club

Hill Head Sailing Club

Highcliffe Sailing Club

Carsington Sailing Club

Littleton Sailing Club

Liverpool Yacht Club

Ulley Sailing Club

Royal Southern Yacht Club

Warsash Sailing Club

Bembridge Sailing Club

Hamble River Sailing Club

Highcliffe Sailing Club

Hill Head Sailing Club

Ogston Sailing Club

Grafham Water Sailing Club

Killington Sailing Association

Papercourt Sailing Club

Portsmouth Sailing Club

Poole Yacht Club

Queen Mary Sailing Club

Itchenor Sailing Club

Seaview Sailing Club

Royal Lymington Yacht Club

Royal Tay Yacht Club

Royal Solent Yacht Club

Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club

Yachtsman of the Year Ball

Yachting Journalists Association

Yachts and Yachting Ball

Adlard Coles Nautical

Allen Brothers Ltd

Harken Ltd

Wiley Nautical

Douglas Gill International

Andark Diving & Watersports Ltd. 

International Mirror Class Association

RS Sailing

Gareth Jenkins

Simon Jenkins

Alison Jenkins 

Yahama Motor (UK) Ltd.

David White

Graham Henderson

Max Evans

Vivien Wilson

National Maritime Museum Cornwall 

Bassenthwaite Sailing Club

The Late Mr T M F Hunt

Royal Yachting Association

LaserPerformance Europe Ltd. 

Azure Wear UK

Camet International

Henri-Lloyd Ltd.

Lazy Jacks Yachtwear Ltd.

Nautor's SWAN 


QEONS Consulting

David Wilkins 

Selden Masts

Hyde Sails

Kingfisher Ropes

Grapefruit Graphics

George Reed

Callum and Susan Aitken

Tamsin Aitken

Graham Jackson

Jeremy Thornton

Tim Pritchard-Jones

Graham and Judith Kirkpatrick

Langstone Sailing Club

Mike and Jenny Warner

John and Hopper Cavendish

David and Nina Cohen

David and Margaret Way

Robin Aisher

Mick and Susie Smith

Rosemary Irwin

Antony Button

Mark Dryden-Brownlee

Gillian Baird

Sarah Meads

Angela Barnett

Susan Burton

National School Sailing Association

Carl McIver

Christopher Aitken

Anthony and Liz French

Ollie, Carol and Poppy Dineen

Margaret Owen

Eleanor Raynsford

Derek Southworth

Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club

Thomas Dixon

Patrick Edmondson

Mike Riley

Graham Dorrington

Rena Gregory

David and Jean Adlington

Stephanie Hensley

Clive Grummett

Neil Fuller

Andrew Yates

Bettina Adams

Chris Blackburn

Judy Scullion

Phil Branford

Kate Mcconnell

Barry Aitken

Chris Dimmick

Rob Yearsley

Terry and Gerry Blatter

Andrew Blagbrough

Sarah Richards

Barbara Darling

Richard Jenner

Callum and Cory Macritchie

Royal Windermere Yacht Club

Margaret Wareing

Crawley Mariners Yacht Club

David Williams

Kevin Lynch

Craven Sailing Club

James Conway

Hamish Crumley

Vince Spenceley

Juliet Gillam

Ben Whitehead

Nicola Ansell

Laure Mackay

Ross Gregory

Chris Johnston

Judy Kawaguchi

Talia Smith

Jon O'Halloran

Scott Irving

Guy Trust

Tim Stevens

Tony Gee

Alistair McDonald

Emma K Salmon

Bex Newcombe and David Aldridge

Veronique Veekamp

Audrey Evans

Noellie Girard de Langlade

Colin Leggett

Olton Mere Sailing Club

Charles Perry