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Patron:Hazel Twiname   Trustees: Peter Whipp (Chairman), Bruce Aitken (Secretary),
John Reed, Duncan Truswell, Jim Kirkpatrick, Jon Denwood   Registered Charity 1002313



Trustees' Annual Report for the period



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Section A                       Reference and administration details



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Peter Whipp



Eric Twiname Trust trustees



John Reed


Eric Twiname Trust trustees



Duncan Truswell


Eric Twiname Trust trustees



Jim Kirkpatrick


Eric Twiname Trust trustees



Jon Denwood


Eric Twiname Trust trustees



Bruce Aitken



Eric Twiname Trust trustees






























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13 Malt House Close, Old Windsor, Berkshire SL4 2SD



HSBC Bank plc

74 High Street, Alton, Hampshire GU34 1EZ






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Section B             Structure, governance and management

Description of the charity’s trusts

Type of governing document  
(eg. trust deed, constitution)

Trust Deed - dated 9th January 1991 as amended by Supplemental Deed dated 6th October 2010.

How the charity is constituted
(eg. trust, association, company)


Trustee selection methods
(eg. appointed by, elected by)

New trustees are appointed by the full committee of existing trustees, after instigating appropriate background checks and references, and being satisfied that any candidate will contribute to the successful management and charitable objectives of the trust. As the trust was set up in memory of Eric Twiname, renowned dinghy sailor, journalist and author, due regard is placed on a candidate’s empathy with the trust’s aims to perpetuate Eric’s diverse sailing interests, principally those that arose out of his teaching and coaching of young dinghy sailors.

Additional governance issues (Optional information)

You may choose to include additional information, where relevant, about:

  • policies and procedures adopted for the induction and training of trustees;
  • the charity’s organisational structure and any wider network with which the charity works;
  • relationship with any related parties;
  • trustees’ consideration of major risks and the system and procedures to manage them.

All trustees give their time voluntarily and receive no remuneration or expenses. The day-to-day management of the trust is vested in the secretary whilst all decisions involving funding and grants are made on a majority voting basis.

The trustees can confirm that any major risks identified as being those to which the charity might be exposed have been and are continually reviewed, with procedures in place to manage them. The trustees can also confirm that there have been no serious incidents during 2019 that should have been drawn to the Charity Commission’s attention.



Section C                   Objectives and activities










Summary of the objects of the charity set out in its governing document

To organise, provide or assist in the organisation and provision of facilities which will enable and encourage pupils of schools and universities in the United Kingdom to sail or yacht race or to participate in any activity associated solely with yachting thereby to assist in ensuring that due attention is given to the physical education and development of such pupils as well as to the development and occupation of their minds.


Summary of the main activities undertaken for the public benefit in relation to these objects (include within this section the statutory declaration that trustees have had regard to the guidance issued by the Charity Commission on public benefit)

The main activities comprise the funding of training dinghies and equipment for sailing clubs and associations. Particular regard is paid to those organisations that are unable to raise all the necessary funds for such equipment and notably to assist disadvantaged youngsters to access and benefit from the sport of sailing. Emphasis is placed on the ‘grass roots’ end of the sport and the need to provide encouragement to clubs to help youngsters on to the water.

In addition the trust provides financial support for the cost of two premier national annual sailing championship events. (see Section D below).

Declaration: The trustees can confirm that in their support for the amateur sport of youth sailing they have complied with their duty to have due regard to the Commission’s guidance on public benefit.


Additional details of objectives and activities (Optional information)


You may choose to include further statements, where relevant, about:

  • policy on grantmaking;
  • policy programme related investment;
  • contribution made by volunteers.

The trust’s policy on grant making is firstly to ensure that with any application it will be pupils in full-time education that will benefit. Secondly the aim is always to put such grants to optimum effect by maximising funding across as many worthy recipients as possible, whilst always ensuring that it provides a long lasting benefit. As such the trust does not provide grants to individuals - only to bone-fide sailing organisations.

Where applicants cannot satisfy trust criteria for a grant, an explanation is always given in response and where possible advice offered as to what alternatives (including approaching other relevant charities) there are to help them pursue their aims and raise the necessary funds.

Section D                    Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the year

General - Dinghies for Club Training – during 2019 the trust has made partial or full grants to some 11 clubs, to assist with the purchase of a total of 19 new dinghies, 8 new dinghy mainsails and 6 training marks.

Within this total is an on-going 11th successive 25 boat RS Tera scheme whereby the trust subsidises each dinghy, whilst the manufacturer also heavily discounts its normal retail price. Aimed at the ‘grass roots’ end of the sport, notably to clubs that encourage local community participation and support for disadvantaged children, this initiative has helped a large number of youngsters on to the water with the establishment of Junior fleets and Junior race training programmes.

Coaching/ Support Motor Boats – Up until the end of 2019 the trust will continue to fund support rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) to assist with coaching and safety on the water. These RIBS have been provided for most of the Royal Yachting Association Recognised youth and junior classes.

However, the trustees have become increasingly concerned over the impact of the cost of this scheme, some of which has recently had to be met by drawdown of capital. At the same time the RYA, to whom the trust award the RIBS and who then loan them out to the classes, have been reviewing the risks posed by the RIBS falling outside the equivalence agreement between the RYA and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. As a result, it has been agreed that the classes will instead purchase the RIBS from the RYA and in the future operate and fund them themselves.

RYA Eric Twiname Championships – the trust contributes significantly to the cost of this premier national multi-class annual event. It attracts up to 300 junior competitors aged between 8 and 15, representing the nine RYA regions and competing in four dinghy/ four windsurfer classes. In 2019 the event was again held as a 3 day regatta over the early May Bank Holiday weekend.


RYA Eric Twiname National Youth & Junior Team Racing Championships – the trust contributes significantly towards the cost of this annual event which is run over a weekend in October and in 2019 attracted some 260 sailors competing in 54 teams entered by clubs, class associations and schools.

Section E                   Financial review

Brief statement of the charity’s policy on reserves

The trust’s reserves policy is to retain a sensible level of capital for future funding. This is primarily aimed at maintaining the regular financial support the Trust gives to two annual sailing championships as well as a general level of grants awarded annually for the purchase of dinghies and equipment. As noted in Section D above the trust will no longer be providing funding for new RIBS for the national classes. This will greatly assist with the level of reserves and enable at least seven year’s worth of planned expenditure to be maintained. Additional revenue is derived from fundraising events and donations.

Details of any funds materially in deficit


Further financial review details (Optional information)

You may choose to include additional information, where relevant about:

  • the charity’s principal sources of funds (including any fundraising);
  • how expenditure has supported the key objectives of the charity;
  • investment policy and objectives including any ethical investment policy adopted.

The trust’s income derived originally from the investment legacy of Eric Twiname’s father but has since been bolstered by at least two other major legacies. Dividend and interest payments are relied upon for regular income, with sales of assets such as shares in investment trusts instigated only as and when required. A financial sub-committee of three trustees looks after the trust’s investments.

Section F                     Other optional information



Section G                   Declaration


The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above.


Signed on behalf of the charity’s trustees





Full name(s)

Peter Thomas Whipp

Peter Bruce Aitken



Position (eg Secretary, Chair, etc)






22 January 2019