The objects of the Trust are to assist in the organisation and provision of facilities which will enable and encourage young people in full time education at schools or universities in the United Kingdom to sail or race.  One of the Trust’s aid criteria is that as many people as possible should benefit from a donation.  In following its objectives the Trust provides much needed money for deserving causes, helping young sailors who might otherwise be unable to fulfil their ambitions – whether it be assisting clubs to purchase boats, or providing the means to assist in the organisation of an event.

The emphasis is directed towards youth, for whom sailing can be prohibitively expensive, with sympathetic consideration always being given to applications that would not attract sponsorship or aid from other organisations such as the Sports Council or the RYA. Over the years there cannot be many young sailors who have not been helped in some way by the Trust, and it is rewarding to see former young beginners, first appearing on Optimist courses or sailing in Regional finals, appearing in National Olympic teams and even winning Olympic medals (Ben Ainslie and Sarah Gosling (nee Webb) being notable examples).

Any group may apply for aid. The Trust is very approachable – an e-mail or a simple handwritten letter is usually all that is required – although further information about the project may be requested. Please note that the Trust does not provide funding to individuals.

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Letter: address to:

The Eric Twiname Trust
26 Ashcombe Avenue, Southborough, Surbiton, Surrey KT6 6QA

Online: Alternatively you can use our online application form.